The Founding of

In the fall of 1967, discussion began on the possibility of founding a club in Detroit of people either born in Pacentro, Italy or descendants of Pacentro. Other cities in the United States much smaller in size than Detroit and with fewer Pacentrani families, have founded such organizations. The concept and intent of the club was to foster a renewed awareness of our heritage and to establish a monument to our Pacentrani immigrants, who came to Detroit to begin a new life; certainly the pioneers of the Italian community in the United States.

Preliminary organization meetings were held in private homes beginning early in 1968. The first formal meeting was held in May, 1968 at the home of our first President, Ron D'Alesandro. Interested individuals were contacted by phone, personal contact and by letter; 150 invitations were sent out. Many long hours of work and dedication went into this task of contacting as many families as possible, all this being done by a handful of dedicated individuals.

The first invitation was a full page letter written in Italian to assure that everyone understood what we wanted to do, the letter began as follows:

"Cari Amici,
Un gruppo di nostri amici Pacentrani, animati di guona volonta' ha deciso di formare un club prettamente e solamente di Pacentrani. Dopo varie discussione ed alcune riunione questo volenteroso gruppo, si e' messo subito in anzione invitando tutti i figli di Pacentro a portecipare a questa organizzazione."

The second meeting of the club was held on June 9, 1968, this was the actual date of the founding of the Club. Charter members were signed up, dues were taken, the Constitution was approved and a photograph of the charter members was taken. There were 53 charter members.

The first officers of the Club were elected at the June 9, 1968 meeting, they were: Ronald D'Alesandro (President), Antonio Silvestri (Vice President), Alphonse Di Cicco (Corresponding and Recording Secretary), Mario LePore (Financial Secretary), Frank D'Amore (Treasurer), Tony Sanfemio (Parliamentarian), Mario Simone (Sargeant-at-Arms), Frank Tirone, Guido Casasanta and Cesare Avolio (Trustees).

The Constitution was written in both English and Italian. The basic premise of the organization was spelled out in XI Articles, the first three present the scope of the Club.

This organization shall be called Club Pacentro of Detroit, Michigan.

This organization shall seek to promote good fellowship and to encourage better social relationship between persons who have immigrated from Pacentro, Provincia Di Aquila, Italy and their descendants, to adopt and carry on an athletic program among its members, to assist its members and their families, and to perform other charitable work in the community.

In order to be admitted to membership in Club Pacentro, an applicant must be a male* person of good moral and ethical character and at least 18 years of age. The applicant must be a Pacentrano by birth, or a lineal descendant thereof or a male person marrying a Pacentrano by birth or a lineal descendant thereof.

* This article has since been amended to allow female members into Club Pacentro of Detroit